Bad Gecko Off Road Antenna Hood Mount Installation

How to install the Bad Gecko Antenna Hood Mount


These brackets are made from 2.5mm (about 3/32″) 304 stainless. While it is not polished, it would lend itself nicely to polishing if you are so inclined.

Bad Gecko Antenna mounts come in two difference styles. One is for standard CB antennas utilizing a 3/8″ stud, the other is for NMO antennas with a 3/4″ hole typically used for Ham or FRS radios. You will have received one or the other. Installation is the same for both.

Tools Needed
  • Ratchet
  • 10mm Socket (Yes, I know, sorry, one doesn’t come in the box)

Pick Sides

Our hood mount will work on either side of your JK. So you will need to choose which side you will be mounting it on. The following pictures show the left side, however, it will work the same for either side.

Pick a screw

There are three bolts holding the fender in place we will use one of these. It doesn’t matter which one as the bracket will work the same on any one of these.

Remove the bolt

For our purposes we will be using the center bolt. But it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

Note: I have heard you should keep it away from the computer which is near the bolt which is furthest forward. I’ve never had issue with it, but that doesn’t mean interference couldn’t happen. Sometimes RF does weird things. Use your own judgement.

Hold it in position

Now that the bolt is out, hold the bracket in position. The bend should go downward and the large hole should be poin

Put the bolt back in.

Reinstall the bolt so that it holds the bracket in place.

Note: The slot for the bracket is both longer and wider than needed. This is to account for the large variance in how Jeeps are assembled even in the same model year.

Bracket is now installed

Now the bracket is installed. Close your hood and check for clearances. As noted earlier there is a lot of variance from Jeep to Jeep, so it is always good to make sure you don’t need to do any adjustment.

Install Your Antenna

All that’s left is to install and wire up your Antenna. I don’t really have any advice to give here other than to follow the directions recommended by the antenna manufacture. There are several brands, methods, and types.

Here are a couple of examples of an NMO antenna.

Here are a few examples of a Firestik Antenna and 3/8″ stud mount. Please forgive the loose ground screw (DOH!)

You should be all good to go, well, except hooking up your radio, but again, I’ll leave that part to you.

NMO 3/4″ Bracket Product Page
CB 3/8″ Bracket Product Page

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