How to Flat Tow Your Wrangler

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a page that told you the important information about flat towing your Jeep without being buried under advertisements or worse, incorrect information?

YES!!! Well, here it is, right off the bat. Read afterward for a few more tips.

Towing SetupWheels Off the GroundFour Wheel Drive Models
Flat TowNo wheels off the ground/Flat towAutomatic Transmission: In Park
Manual Transmission: In gear (NOT NEUTRAL)
Transfer case: in Neutral
Two in forward direction.
Front Dolly OnlyOnly front wheels off the groundNOT ALLOWED
Rear Dolly OnlyOnly rear wheels off the groundNOT ALLOWED
On TrailerAll wheels off the ground (and on the trailer)OK in any configuration as long as it is secure.
*Slightly edited from Jeep Mopar Manual for 2013 Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon (because that’s what I have)

Note the difference for Automatic vs Manual transmission. While you do put the automatic transmission in park, the manual transmission needs to be in gear. This is important because of how lubrication works for a manual transmission and transfer case.

DO NOT FORGET putting the transfer case in Neutral regardless of which transmission you have. Not doing so will likely destroy parts of your drivetrain including your engine.

Don’t forget to hook up your trailer lights and check them.

Your tow rig should have a towing capacity capable of towing your Jeep.

There are many types of covers to protect the front of your Jeep from debris kicked up by your tow rig.

While looking for this information myself, I found links to many pages which were blatantly wrong or simply there to serve ads. One recommended running the engine while towing so it would have good lubrication. Another recommended putting passengers in it. Both of which are a hard NO. Many pages didn’t actually give any information, they just talked a lot about how fun it was to tow a Jeep.

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